Whitening / Bleaching

Your smile is a big part of the image you reflect – it is noticed before you even speak a word! Whiter teeth make us look healthier, younger and more vibrant.

At Murray Turner Dental Surgeons we use a customised tray system which involves both in surgery and home whitening. As well as whitening your teeth, Carbamide peroxide (tray bleach) provides the additional benefits of increasing oral pH of saliva above 7, reducing plaque adhesion, and killing bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Does it hurt?
Most people find the procedure painless, however some people may experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold (totally genetic). In order to minimise sensitivity our dental surgeons apply techniques, modify strength of whitening gel and consider the need for desensitising agents for each individual patient.

Does it work?
Teeth have a maximum whiteness beyond which they will not whiten. Professional tooth whitening will lighten stained teeth usually due to coffee tea and red wine, remove cigarette and tobacco stains and correct yellowing teeth due to aging.

How long does it take?
Professional tooth whitening, like the kind we provide at Murray Turner, takes 6-8 weeks of treatment.

How long does it last?
All whitening systems need ongoing maintenance as teeth absorb stains, so trays are a must.